How Much Does a Water Softener Cost To Install In 2019?

05 August 2019

The world of water softeners can be a bit of a minefield, particularly if you’ve never had a water softener before.

Prices will vary quite drastically with some softeners being sold online as low as £350, and then at the other end of the scale, in excess of £3000 for a premium brand softener for a large home.

On top of these prices, you’ll also have the cost of installation, pipework and hosing.

Naturally, this doesn’t help when you’re trying to gauge a ballpark price in the early stages of enquiry (more to come here!)

Do I need a premium brand softener or will a cheap one do?

When you are looking at the different water softeners it’s important to consider the servicing/maintenance aspect, and more specifically the associated costs with that.

Also, take note of the guarantee period too!

Cheaper softeners tend to be made with cheaper materials, less stringent manufacturing processes, poor metering systems, and come with a limited guarantee (usually 12 months) which all lead to a shorter shelf life - compared to ‘premium’ brand models. On top of this they will often require annual servicing vs no servicing in the case of some quality brand softeners.

The cost of serving can vary from model to model but if we work with an average of £90 a service, this will set you back £900 over a ten-year period. You’d expect to be buying parts outside of the guarantee period as well due to the cheap product build.

They are also less efficient in terms of salt and water usage. The difference can easily be £100 plus a year in salt running cost in many cases by comparison.

So, whilst the £350-400 online price tag can seem attractive at first glance, over a period of time, a cheap water softener can cost significantly more than a premium brand softener that comes with a ten-year guarantee as standard.

A Premium brand softener we expect to last 15-25 years (depending on water usage and hardness) and are very efficient with either little or no maintenance costs.

We offer both an Essential range of water softeners and a ‘Premium’ brand range of softeners to suit all budgets. As a guide price, our average ‘Essential’ range installation, including VAT, is £1250, and our ‘Premium’ range will start around £1700 (installed and inc. VAT) and upwards depending on brand and specification.

If you’re considering a water softener then why not get in touch and take advantage of our free home survey? We will be able to walk you through the process, make some recommendations and be able to show you some soft water so you can see and feel difference for yourself!

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