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How much does a fully installed softener cost?

The average cost of a full installation is approximately £1750.00 inc VAT, for the average home. This would be for a block salt softener or similar capacity electric softener. The more people in the home and the harder the water, the larger the softener and the greater the cost. Installations vary hugely, depending on the size of your home, size of pipework, location of the stop tap and ancillary equipment you may wish to include. Three way taps and a drinking water filter are a common addition with a softener installation.

Where does it go?

A softener is normally installed close to the stop cock. This is usually under the sink but in older properties can be anywhere on the ground floor within the building. If the garage is adjacent to the kitchen it is sometimes possible to install the softener in the garage. Other possible locations could be outside in an insulated cabinet or even in a loft. Larger properties will often have plant rooms which are ideal locations for a softener.

How big is it?

A small water softener is about the size of a desk top computer tower. The non electric models tend to be the smallest and use block salt. A large softener for domestic use, could be as tall as a person and take up more space.

How much does it cost to run?

Two people in a hard water area of 300mg/l on block salt would have running costs of around £7.00 a month. If you had an electric softener using tablet salt it would be roughly half this amount.

Where can I get salt from?

We supply and deliver block salt, both 8 kg and Harvey 4.3kg blocks. We also do tablet and granular salt in 25kg or 10 kg bags.

Do water softeners pay for themselves?

You can save up to £400 per year by having a water softener so over time they pay for themselves. We estimate a payback of 5 years or so.

How long do they last?

All our softeners are premium brands so we expect them to last 15 to 20 years or longer!

Do they need servicing?

They are likely to require some attention over their life time. Manufacturers specify varying service intervals from an annual service to biannual to leave alone unless they need attention.

Can I take it with me when I move?

Yes. We install all our softeners on manifolds which allow the softener to be isolated and the bypass valve opened to allow hard water to service. Call us and we will remove your softener and reinstall it in your new property. (Assuming you are moving locally!)

Will my water pressure be affected?

Putting anything in the pipe work will affect water pressure, however it doesn't normally affect it to the extent that you will notice. You will get between 0.3-0.5 bar pressure drop across the softener. We install all our softeners using full bore valves and pipework so the pressure drop is minimised.

Can I drink softened water?

Yes. The World Health Organisation says that providing your incoming water hardness is below 435mg/l (most of the Cotswolds is around 300mg/l) it is safe to drink. However, soft water shouldn't be used to make up baby food formula or by those on a low sodium diet. If in doubt drink hard water.

Do I need a hard water tap?

You should have a hard water drinking tap in the" food preparation area" usually the kitchen. We will either alter the plumbing to cold supply of your kitchen tap so it is hard, fit a faucet tap or triflow tap to provide hard water. Most people like the choice of having both as tea and coffee tastes better with soft water and tends not to stain the cups as much.


I never leave reviews until I have had the product a sufficient time to test the aftercare. Firstly, how I lasted so long without a softener at all I'll never know. It's made a huge difference to cleaning the bathrooms - my most hated job- and no more descaling! The service friendly, efficient and professional. Cannot fault the aftercare and still use the company to purchase salt from. Highly recommend CWS from all aspects

Leanne L.  Bourton on the Water

We were in need of replacing a very old water softener so contacted Cotswold Water Softeners. The service they provided was exceptional, they came to visit and explain what we needed, we then had the replacement done a week later. The staff were all exceptionally polite, friendly & helpful and we are very pleased with our new softener. Would highly recommend.

Roslyn B.  South Cerney


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