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This is the next generation in water softeners with its improved design, eco-features and robust testing. The Harvey Minimax Innova was launched in December 2020 and is the latest generation in water softening. Its advanced twin-cylinder technology is extremely efficient and means you will have softened water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It conveniently runs on the latest curved block salt, which is easier to store, handle and load compared to standard block salt. It's the most compact block salt softener on the market and fits under your kitchen sink.

Manufactured in Old Woking, UK

Leading Technology

Now with lighter curved block salt!

Easy to Handle & Store 

Your Minimax Innova Water Softener uses revolutionary Mini Curved Block salt to function, which needs to be replenished regularly so you have an uninterrupted softened water supply. Each block is 2.15kg, making it lighter to carry, smaller in size and easier to handle and store.


Compact Design

Want to find out the effect beautifully softened water would have on you, your home and family?

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