The Problem

Hard water affects most of the UK. In the Cotswolds, we have some of the hardest water in the country. Average family homes in some areas are affected by more than 40kg of lime and chalk running through the water supply every year.

This causes scale in your appliances & plumbing, impurities in your drinking water and increase the need for cleaning chemicals and soaps.

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Hard water in the Cotswolds

Damage caused by hard water

Hard water leads to a residue build up in your heating system. This “furring” in pipes, tanks and around heating elements leads to inefficient boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. This can insignificantly increase running costs and reduces the life span of these appliances.

You’ll see the lime scale build up in your kettle. In your other systems this build up continues for years, unchecked.

Hot water tank full of lime scale

Hot water tank full of lime scale

Hot water tank full of lime scale

Close up of hot water tank full of lime scale

Water tank with over a foot of scale in

Water tank with over a foot of scale in

Why is water hard?

When it rains, the water falling from the clouds is completely soft. It’s not until the rain hits the ground that it begins to absorb minerals found within the earth.

In the diagram, rain is showing falling to the ground, where some of it will run off across the ground surface, and the rest will percolate through the earth collecting minerals as it filters down.

Living in the UK means we have the pleasure of experiencing plenty of the wet stuff, but is it hard water that occurs where you live?

What causes hard water

How does the Cotswolds compare to the rest of the UK?

The hard water areas of the UK (shown as turquoise blue), basically stem down the East coast of England across to Wales and down to Dorset.

In soft water areas, the composition of the earth is typically hard stone, such as granite leading to those areas being naturally soft. Looking at the map, these are typically the areas in a lighter blue (Cornwall, Scotland, parts of Wales and parts of Ireland).

Hard water areas in UK