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The Solution

Great news! Even if you live in a hard water area, we've got a solution that will work for you!

The Benefits of a Water Softener

With the Minimax your water will always be completely soft giving you a complete feeling of real luxury.

Invest in your home with a Minimax water softener that will give you luxury you can see, feel and love...

More time icon

Create More Time

Create more time for you and your family as soft water cuts down on cleaning and household chores.

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Save Money

Enjoy more of the finer things in life as you save money on appliance repairs and fuel bills.

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Better Tasting Water

Softer, cleaner and fresher taste and is much more pleasurable to drink.

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Protect Your Home

Not only will your softener protect your appliances from future hard water damage, but your softener will also gradually dissolve existing lime scale too.

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Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself as you enjoy the luxury of a soft water bath full of bubbles.

How it works

All salt based water softeners use the process of ion exchange to create soft water. Inside a water softener is a vessel of resin beads. Hard water passes over the resin beads which extract the hard minerals (calcium and magnesium) and replace them with harmless sodium ions. Scale is therefore taken out of the water which leaves the water softened.

Benefits of Minimax M2

1) Accurate metering for maximum flow rates

2) Great British engineering

3) Great efficiency, low running cost

4) Twin cylinder for 24 Hour softened water

5) Strong robust cabinet design

6) Easy to handle Block Salt

7) Clear lid for easy salt monitoring

8) Unique design for every home

How a water softener works
Water softener facts

Pure water drinking systems

  • Improves taste and odour
  • No more scum on tea
  • No staining of mugs
  • Great tasting tea & coffee
  • No descaling coffee machines
  • Chlorine reduction
  • Sediment removal
  • Iron and manganese reduction
  • Floride reduction
  • No blocked shower heads
  • scum
  • products
  • cleaning
  • Shiny bathrooms
  • No salt/rinse aid in dishwasher
  • 50% less washing powder & conditioner
  • Appliances last longer
  • Appliances work more efficiently

Over time existing pipes/appliances will descale reducing heating costs and improving efficiency

  • Soft hair & skin
  • Improves dry skin conditions and eczema
  • Softer clothes