Water Softener Installations

Having installed water softeners for over 20 years, we benefit from our wealth of experience in every type of installation, including upstairs and in lofts as well as the more usual installation in the kitchen. We also install softeners outside in neat, weatherproof cabinets, should you prefer to site a softener outside. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and always ensure that everything is left as clean and tidy as we found it.

Installation of water softeners
Water Softener Install Before


Water Softener Install After


Expert Installation

Using information gathered during the survey, our expert installation team will work around you to fit your water softener system and additional fittings with minimal disruption in a convenient location. The installation can normally be completed within a day.

Installation Prices

We are usually able to provide an accurate price for the installation once we have surveyed your home. Installation typically ranges from £150 to £450 depending on the work and materials involved.

To comply with water regulation bylaws we recommend a hard water drinking tap which can be provided by altering the plumbing so the kitchen tap cold remains on hard water or we can fit a triflow or faucet.

Water Softener Repairs

Previous Installations




Mrs M has just bought a new house and wanted to protect her bathrooms from scale so asked us to fit a M2 Minimax softener as she wanted the convenience of block salt, which was much easier to use than the tablet salt softener she had in her old house. Mrs M enjoys drinking water so also ordered a reverse osmosis system so she has purified drinking water without using a filter jug or buying bottled water.



Mr Howard decided to replace his 28 year old Autotrol softener with a Harvey block salt softener based on his research and preference to use block salt. He also liked the 10 year warranty from a British manufacturer, backed by a local company to look after the softener and deliver salt.





M2 Minimax in a 300mm wide cupboard Cheltenham

Minimax Major and break tank softening borehole water Rudford, Gloucester

M2 Minimax Worcester

Harvey Minimax softening 600mg/l borehole water, Trumpet, nr Ledbury

Manganese and iron reduction units treating borehole water on a farm - Nailsworth

M2 Minimax Painswick

M2 Minimax Ross on Wye

M2 Minimax - Lechlade-on-Thames

M2 Minimax - Wotton-under-Edge

M2 Minimax - Eastcombe

M2 Minimax - Droitwich

Ecowater 300 on a spring source - Quenington

Bypass valve work - Swindon

M2 Harvey softener in an aluminum outside cabinet - Kemerton

Harvey Twintec installed within a bathroom cabinet - Newent

Harvey M2 next to an unvented water heater - Willersley

Harveys M2 in corner cupboard installation - Fairford

Ecowater Compact 100 in utility room - Cranham

UV and 5 micron pre filter - Bibury

Harvey M2 installation in Leominster

Harvey M2 install in Leominster

M2 corner cupboard installation in Cheltenham

Corner cupboard installation of M2 Broadway



Harvey M2 installation in Fairford

M2 Minimax installation in Cirencester

Miss D decided to have a water softener installed after visiting her brother in Dorset who has a M2 Minimax and absolutely loved the shower and feeling of soft water. A fellow dealer, On Tap Water, asked us to get in touch with Miss D to carry out a survey and discuss the in and outs of having a softener installed. It was all done from start to finish within a week.

Minimax Major installed in a garage in Glencairn Park Road, Cheltenham

M2 Minimax under the kitchen sink Chipping Norton

M2 Minimax Kingham

M2 Minimax South Cerney